We Ask The Right Questions

At Convergence CPA Group, we start with an in-depth, analytical process that involves asking as many questions as necessary in order to understand your business, challenges, and goals. This is our ongoing commitment to you and one of our guiding principles. We believe that your trust in us to fully understand what’s important to you is essential to ensure your confidence in our advice, insight, and support. After we’ve finished the process of listening to you, we apply what we learn, often unlocking hidden opportunities and innovative solutions. Our ability to listen is usually more important than what we say, and we believe that listening plus expertise leads to a better and more complete understanding of this complex business relationship.

We Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Like most of our clients, Convergence CPA Group is committed to the growth of our firm, and we appreciate all the different skills that are required in achieving this longstanding goal. Most CPA firms simply provide compliance services, like financial statements and tax returns. However, we realize that compliance services don’t add that much value to your business and are often nothing more than boilerplate. We’re more interested in solving many of the challenges faced by your business with practical ideas that lead to tangible improvements in your business. Because of this entrepreneurial mindset, you can expect us to provide pragmatic solutions that are easy to implement and result in real savings.

We Have Experience In Multiple Industries

The senior management of Convergence CPA Group have extensive experience working in the real world, outside of the often gilded CPA bubble and across numerous industries. We know firsthand that industry-based experience results in a deeper understanding of the unique challenges that are peculiar to your business, and the core elements commonly needed in each industry to be successful. Because of this experience and insight, we won’t waste our time or yours with theoretical, impractical, and inefficient ideas that ultimately provide little practical value to you and your business. We excel at combining our industry knowledge, experience and affiliations with a deep understanding of accounting and tax practices to keep you abreast of changes and trends, which enables us to design practical, meaningful and valuable solutions that impact your business.

We Have Completed All Peer Review Examinations

Convergence has successfully completed all peer review examinations. We achieved the most prestigious results by receiving an “unmodified report and no letter of comments.” This confirms that we adhere to the strictest of all American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) quality control standards.